The Act of July 29, 2005 on waste electronic equipment (Journal of Laws No. 180, item 1495, as amended) and the Act of November 21, 2008, amending the act on waste electrical and electronic equipment and on amending certain other acts (Journal of Laws No. 223, item 1464) defines the requirements to be met by electrical and electronic equipment and the rules for handling waste equipment in a manner that ensures the protection of human health and life and the protection of the environment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development in order to reduce the amount of waste generated in the form of equipment and ensure an appropriate level of collection, recovery and recycling of waste equipment.

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What to do with a waste safe?

A safe with an electronic lock must be disposed of in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Such a product contains electronic components and batteries, so it cannot be disposed of with other household waste. If you have a safe that is earmarked for disposal, please contact your local authorities and check how you can dispose of the product. Remember that waste batteries must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Information on the disposal of electronic devices and batteries:

This symbol indicates that the product must be disposed of separately from household waste in accordance with applicable regulations. When it reaches the end of its useful life, take it to a special collection point designated by the local authorities or check when such waste is collected in your area. You can face a fine for improper disposal of electronic equipment. Special collection and safe disposal of this type of waste help to protect the environment and human health.